In this second episode with genetic counselor Dena Goldberg (a.k.a. Dena DNA), Dena takes us on a deeper dive into the science of genetics, with a focus on how and why pediatric genetic-based disorders occur. We then have a question and answer session, in which Dena replies to questions that have been submitted to us from parents and caregivers from all around the US.

Dena Goldberg, MS, CGC is a genetic counselor living in Los Angeles, with a dream of bringing genetic counseling to mainstream media and becoming the first TV genetic counselor. She previously served as the Gordon and Betty Moore Endowed Counselor of Hereditary GI Cancer Prevention at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). She is the founder of, a website with a mission to spread awareness of medical genetics and genetic counseling to the general public through media and marketing techniques not typically used by the medical community. Inspired by her sister with a chromosome abnormality, she has been involved as a sibling support leader and has developed educational programming for the Chromosome 18 Registry and Research society. She is a strong proponent of using genetic information to improve the lives of and empower individuals with disabilities and their family members.

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