By: Our Hidden Stories

The primary purpose of OHS Special Needs Podcast is to uplift and empower parents and caregivers of those with special needs and disabilities by sharing practical and educational information by hosting radically honest conversations.

The format derived by our special needs podcast makes information more accessible to overwhelmed and exhausted caregivers and parents of special needs children, who often are more able to listen than read, and fosters kinship with fellow-travelers on this unusually challenging road. We are concerned with matters pertinent to all facets of special needs and disability, with a special heart for parents who are new to this journey and for caregivers of children and adults with relatively severe or complex challenges.

An important secondary purpose of the Our Hidden Stories Special Needs Podcast is to bring to light the realities that are often completely unknown outside the world of special needs and disability. As we discuss a variety of crucial issues, we hope to convince more people that this often marginalized and isolated population, and their caregivers, are deserving of greater empathy and practical assistance.

The OHS Special Needs Podcast is a part of the Our Hidden Stories project, whose mission is to share, through raw authenticity, the often unseen world of special needs and disability.

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