Thank you for your interest to contribute to Our Hidden Stories.

We are always looking for blog contributions from voices other than our own to share the realities that impact caregivers. The reality isn’t always pretty, which is why we are creating a safe place for you to share. If you feel nervous, we have an anonymous option, because we understand that the reality is not always as simple as sharing.

You may also want to suggest a topic for us to discuss on OHS: Our Hidden Stories Podcast, or a recommendation for a guest such as someone who has made an impact in your life, or even yourself.

Please share you story with us via the form below with your blog piece or OHS Podcast suggestions.

Here are some suggested topics to get you started:

  • Everyday Story: Tell us about your average day or some aspect of it that seems typical to you but is actually quite different from most people’s reality.
  • Diagnosis Story: Everyone’s path to diagnosis and its aftermath is unique. For some people, it is a relief to find answers to very significant challenges; for others, a diagnosis is devastating because it indicates the future will be much more challenging than they ever imagined. We would love to share your story.
  • Memory or experience: Even mundane experiences—such as a doctor visit, going out with friends, maybe something as simple as going to a playground—can take on a different sort of meaning in light of the path you walk.
  • Advice or just honesty: Share wisdom you would share with your past self, or with your child, parents, or others, based on your journey as a caregiver.

Thank you for taking the time even to consider being a contributor to Our Hidden Stories. We take that honor very seriously and therefore ask you to give us time to review all submissions. We will respond back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you,

Joanna and Talya

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