We sat down (virtually!) on August 2nd with educational consultant and advocate Angelica Medrano to talk about how an educational advocate can help parents to navigate the world of special education, as well as the particular challenges to special education during the age of COVID.

Our conversation was so fruitful that we divided it into two podcast episodes.

In this episode, we discuss some basic special education terminology and information; the role of an educational advocate; advice about how to prepare for and communicate in meetings with the school; etc.

Our guest today was Angelica Medrano, educational consultant and advocate at EDU Prep Space. She offers services nationwide and is very knowledgeable, having previously worked on the school district side.

We welcome your thoughts on this episode; please go to Special Education in the Age of COVID, Part A to comment!

OHS: Our Hidden Stories Podcast is brought to you by the Our Hidden Stories project, whose mission is to share, through authenticity, the often unseen world of special needs and disabilities. In addition to podcasts, OHS maintains an audioblog – every piece is available in text and audio so you can listen in the format that works for you. 

Angelica recommends the following special education resources:

  1. Wrights Law
  2. The Council of Parents, Attorneys, and Advocates (COPAA), which has a list of advocates and attorneys (there is a membership fee to join but search is free)
  3. Understood
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